Cruelty free toothpaste – good for you, our furry friends, and our planet!

What could be better for the world and our environment than filling it with people who are genuinely happy? Choosing cruelty-free products spark happiness! Knowing you’re supporting the rights of animals as well as helping the planet, even with what may seem like one small product, makes a big difference!



Many people don’t realise, but seeking out and choosing cruelty-free helps the environment we live in in a variety of ways as it not only saves our furry friends, but it generally means that you’re using safer products as the chemicals commonly used in products that are tested on animals are done so because of the potential harm they can cause. 

At Grin, we are cruelty free—for you, the environment, and all the diverse creatures with whom we share this planet with. We’re all about providing you with natural and sustainable oral care that you can love, and testing our products on innocent animals goes completely against this.   



What Does Cruelty Free mean?

It means that a product was produced or manufactured without harming or killing animals. The most common example of cruelty is testing products or ingredients on animals.   

Are Grin Products Cruelty Free? 

You bet! None of our toothpastes or products are tested on animals. 

Are Grin Products Vegan?

Our Strengthening and kids toothpastes are all vegan friendly, whilst our Freshening and Whitening toothpastes are suitable for vegetarians as they contain Propolis. Propolis is a sticky substance that bees make from saliva, beeswax and tree sap to block up unwanted spaces in the hive. We include Propolis in these toothpastes as it has powerful antiseptic properties which fights bacteria and keeps the mouth healthy. Our Propolis is gathered in a sustainable way without harm to bees.



What other ways does Grin try to avoid harmful ingredients? 

When we research ingredients, we evaluate their potential harm on the mouth and body, however, we also consider the impact they have on the environment. One of our core values is sustainability, so for us, this means knowing the ingredient isn’t causing wider harm through it’s sourcing. One common ingredient that is hidden in virtually every toothpaste and is having a detrimental impact to wildlife and the environment is palm oil. Palm oil in toothpaste is generally used as a surfactant which helps to give toothpaste that consistent texture and also creates foam. With the global demand continually rising, the impact that mass production is having on palm oil, is directly wiping out thousands of wildlife in its wake, to the extent that animals such as Orangutans and the Sumatran Tiger are now critically endangered.

After learning the impact, we refined our grin formulas back in 2018 and removed palm oil completely from our toothpastes. We are now proudly certified palm oil free and use a coconut-based alternative. 

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