5 Toothbrushing songs to make brushing fun for your child and you!

On most days it can be a struggle just to get your little one to brush their teeth in the morning. Now imagine having to reinforce this for twice a day as is recommended by dental practitioners. Not an easy task I know but so important when you are trying to raise a healthy child with good habits. I have come to realise with my little boy Milo that new activities, tasks or chores are so much easier to engage in when they are fun, and especially when we can do them together. And brushing teeth is no exception.

We found The 1-2-3 Grin! Kids Oral Care Set to be an amazing gift for Milo. It allowed us to introduce flossing as part of a fun rewards program, as I realised the sooner, I could get him into this activity the less resistance I would encounter down the line. As a mom it’s been great to see how interested he has become in flossing and with his very own Grin Kids Brushing Pop Up Book it has made the whole experience less scary as well because we got to experiment on the character in the book first. After every meal he wants to rush off to floss. I guess I am doing something right.


When it is fun your child becomes more involved and introducing music into this routine makes it even better. So, it’s no surprise that one of our favourite fun activities is listening to songs while we brush. Below are some of our family favourites. I found these songs great because even when we’re not brushing our teeth, we can also watch them together and go through the actions.

“Party Mouth” from Sesame Street is amazing.

This song is one of Milo’s favourites. We find ourselves dancing and singing to it even when we are not brushing our teeth because the lyrics are catchy and upbeat. Two minutes feel like they fly by but I also particularly like this song because it emphasises brushing your tongue, so it teaches beyond just brushing the teeth alone but taking care of your entire mouth.

“The Tooth Brushing Song - The Tooth Brushing Badge” from Hey Duggee Series 3 - Hey Duggee.

If your child watches the Duggee Series, then they are sure to enjoy this brushing song. I love how it breaks down brushing step-by-step for your child and why brushing is so important from preventing tooth decay, and yellow teeth and staying healthy. And Duggee mentions at the start of the song that we will be brushing for 2 minutes. There you go – the expectation has been set! It’s also a great song to start introducing your little to a reward system and you could give them a toothbrush badge each week or month.

“This Is the Way We Brush Our Teeth, Nursery Rhymes” from LittleBabyBum! | ABCs and 123s

Your little one will be sure to love this song and it emphasises brushing twice a day, in the morning and evening if we want sparkly white teeth. The words are simple especially for much younger kids.

Brush Your Teeth, Kids Songs, Super Simple Songs” from Super Simple Monsters.

This song is catchy, and easy for the little ones to remember. It’s also good in that it encourages brushing morning and before bedtime and even says that brushing is so much fun.

“Brush Your Teeth” from KidsTV123.

I found this song particularly great for smaller kids. The words are repetitive to enforce the action of brushing, but it immediately highlights that brushing is important for good clean teeth and a great smile and that brushing every day will help you eat better and keep your teeth happy. Such a fun happy song!

I hope you enjoy these toothbrush songs. Happy brushing family!

About the author

This blog was written by Grin’s passionate brand advocate and career mom Jess Mason. Jess is hugely interested in health, fitness, and living an organic and preservative free lifestyle. She loves sharing stories of her family and her son Milo. She can be found on her Instagram page @jessmason911 where she posts updates on her family life, Grin experiences, travels and settling into New Zealand as her new home. We are super excited that Jess will be also sharing her own mom experiences, learnings, and knowledge with our Grin community. It’s going to be fun!