4 Foods That Dull Your Grin

A set of dazzling pearly whites is the best accessory we can have but consuming certain foods and beverages in excess can do more harm than good to our teeth. Products high in sugar or starch, especially when consumed regularly or excessively, can create optimal breeding grounds for plaque build-up. Here are four foods to be mindful.

1. Dried/Pickled fruit or veges
While they make our taste buds happy, beware of foods that go 'crunch'. Potato chips are made of starch that tends to hide in between our teeth and carbs that linger are an open invitation for bacterial growth.
2. Fizzy drinks, sports & energy drinks
While soft drinks are a somewhat obvious offender, not many people realise that sports and energy drinks also contain sugar. The combination of sugar, carbonation and acids can cause damage to our pearlers.
3. Dried/Pickled fruit or veges
The longer a sugary or acidic item stays in your mouth the more damage it does. Even though its natural, the sugar content combined with the sticky texture of dried fruit in particular means it clings to our teeth, overstaying its welcome.
4. Citrus fruits and juices
While being rich in vitamin C, proceed with caution as fruit that is high in natural sugars and acids, such as lemon or oranges, can erode our tooth enamel over time. Moderation is key!

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