4 Ways to use the detoxifying power of charcoal

In an ideal world, we would be eating perfectly natural foods all the time and be safe from environmental toxins no matter where the day took us. The surrounding air would be clear and fresh without pollution and the water purified. Unfortunately we don’t always have the opportunity to live in this ideal world and at times our food chain, water supply and surrounding air are not to the quality that is best for our health. While it can be challenging to avoid these toxins and chemicals that have made their way into our lives, we can work to neutralise the effect they are having on our health by assisting our bodies to naturally detox and cleanse.

Activated charcoal can be considered one of the most non-toxic, naturally absorptive substances for you. It binds to potentially harmful substances in your body and helps to eliminate them before they cause harm. Here are 4 ways you can use activated charcoal in your daily life to help naturally detox your body and work towards reaching that ultimate goal of great health…

1. Skincare

Activated charcoal may be a wonderful addition to your natural skincare regime, as it literally pulls unwanted substances out of your pores. A charcoal face mask is a great way to reset your skin and find balance going forward, however be warned that it can be quite harsh if you haven’t tried it before and you may experience some redness and heat in your skin for up to a few days. Ultimately, activated charcoal will give you smoother skin with tighter pores.

2. Detoxifying

As one of the oldest and most trusted detoxing remedies, charcoal has gained even more popularity in the health and wellness world recently for these same benefits. In today’s world, our food supply and everything we are surrounded by in the environment each and every day can be suspicious, which makes it hard to be 100% sure what’s going in your body. Activated charcoal tablets are a simple way to naturally detox your insides. They do this by leaching onto potentially toxic substances and helping you rid them from your body. You may also find digestive benefits of activated charcoal, such as reduced bloating, gas and other digestive complaints resulting from poor food choices for your body. Be sure to drink plenty of water when taking activated charcoal as a natural detoxing supplement.

(If you are taking supplements or other medication for your health, it is best to consult your practitioner before supplementing with activated charcoal to ensure it is not contraindicated with any of these, as the power of charcoal may render them ineffective.)

3. Purifying the Air

Not only does charcoal rid your body of toxins, it can also soak them up from the surrounding environment. Charcoal may help naturally remove odours, bacteria, mould, allergens and other harmful pollutants. You can find air purification products infused with activated charcoal to use around your home, office and even car.

4. Teeth Whitening

With the vast range of teeth whitening products marketed to us these days, it can be hard to decide what’s going to work and what’s going to cause more harm than good. As tempting as the teeth whitening strips on the supermarket shelves may be, they’re unlikely to be your best bet for ridding your teeth of tea and coffee stains. Brushing activated charcoal onto your teeth is the ultimate teeth whitening solution, with the bonus that you’re not exposing your delicate teeth and gums to harsh chemicals.

Grin Natural has produced a 100% biodegradable charcoal-infused toothbrush that can help you whiten up your teeth with ease. The soft nylon bristles of this bamboo toothbrush have been infused with charcoal, which helps to keep bacteria at bay whilst absorbing toxins and restoring the whiteness in your teeth. The natural detoxifying benefits of charcoal also help to eliminate chlorine and other potentially harmful chemicals found in tap water that make their way onto your gums and teeth. It also helps to prevent plaque build-up. Healthy for your teeth. Healthy for your gums. Healthy for the environment. Yes please!

About the author: Annabel studied Human Nutrition alongside Marketing at Otago University before heading over to Sydney to begin her career in the health and wellness industry. Spending her post-uni years working in companies that encouraged consumption of health foods in a delicious and easy way, Annie’s love for plant-based raw foods grew and she is now a strong believer in the positive effects a real, wholefoods diet can have on the body and mind. For more health and well being tips and advise visit the I AM Co. blog