Mighty Manuka

Manuka Tree

Manuka oil is one of the key active ingredients in Grin 100% Natural Cool Mint Toothpaste. Our Manuka oil is produced at Te Araroa from Manuka trees grown on the East Cape of New Zealand.

Manuka trees are native to New Zealand and are often found in harsh and exposed terrain and are subjected to extreme climatic conditions. The profound strength of these trees is reflected in the essential oils found in the leaves. This mighty oil has antiseptic properties that helps to protect the tree from insects, bacteria and fungi.

The incredible powers of Manuka oil have long been recognised by Maori, who for centuries have utilised this native shrub to enhance healing and reduce the risk of infection. They would use the bark and leaves to treat colds, wounds, fevers, and numerous skin aliments.

The Manuka oil found in Grin toothpaste is made from spray-free sustainably harvested leaves and branchlets which have been processed through a low-temperature distillation. This results in a concentrated oil that contains all the unique anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the Manuka tree.

Our laboratory testing with Massey University suggests that the New Zealand Manuka oil used in Grin toothpaste showed good ability to inhibit the growth of the six common oral bacteria that are associated with tooth decay and gum disease.

This makes Manuka oil one very powerful active ingredient in Grin Cool Mint Toothpaste.


Other ways you can harness the natural powers of Manuka oil:

Deodorant: apply under arms to reduce body odour 

Bite and stings: apply Manuka oil to the bite or sting to reduce pain and swelling

Scars and marks: Manuka oil helps the scars marks on the skin fade by promoting new cell growth in the affected parts of the body

Wounds: Apply to sores or cuts to enhance healing and reduce the risk of infection

Acne: 1 or 2 drops of Manuka oil can be added to regular face-wash to help reduce acne