You are not alone in this epidemic battle!

COVID 19 is sweeping the world now, and healthcare workers right across the globe are undertaking a central role to fight against the pandemic. Every day, they risk putting both theirs and their families lives on the line in the selfless act of helping to keep citizens safe.








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In this war without smoke, many medical workers have been infected and have even lost their lives. 

In Spain, as at April 7, 2020, the total number of confirmed cases is 135,032, including 19,400 health care workers which is 14.4% of the total population.

In Italy, as at April 7, 2020, there have been more than 10,000 healthcare workers infected, and 77 doctors have died of pneumonia due to the coronavirus infection. 

In New Zealand, healthcare workers are also a high-risk group. According to data from the Ministry of Health as at April 7, 2020, there are currently 128 healthcare professionals infected across the country, accounting for 9% of the total number of infections.

However, this danger has not deterred the braveness of our medical professionals who continue to carry out their roles and do their best to keep saving lives and helping those in need. 








Sue Tutty, a 62 -year-old family doctor working at the New Corona Virus Testing Station, said that the day before she went to work at the testing station, she had already explained his own affairs with his family.

"I am a doctor who has promised oaths, and I have no reason not to continue." – NZ HERALD

Catherine Khan, a St John paramedic who is responsible for the ambulance and transportation of patients, said that because there are elderly people in the family, in order to avoid giving them the risk of contracting the virus, she has temporarily said goodbye to her family and devoted herself to the front line of saving lives. – NZ HERALD

During this difficult period, the needs and well-being are also a concern for the community.

During the outbreak, an initiative called ‘Thinking of You’ has risen on New Zealand Social Media. Here, people from different communities, industries, and organizations have put their own efforts forward to support our frontline heroes.

The initiative is led by Grin, who is identified as an Essential Business (essential industry) by the government during the lockdown. The campaign has quickly received support from New Zealand Food & Grocery Council, ExportNZ, and many local brands and opinion leaders.

So far, 12 kiwi companies have contributed to this initiative, with the goal of donating 3,000 care packs to healthcare professionals, giving a donation of over $250,000 worth of products!

The packs, which are being sent to hospitals right around NZ, include essentials that can be easily consumed on-the-go, such as fruit bars, natural-energy and immunity-boosters, along with hygiene essentials such as feminine care, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Here’s some of the Health care workers at Auckland Hospital and Auckland North Shore Hospital who received the gift packages:


Opinion leaders on social media have joined in, calling on community groups to express their respect and gratitude to healthcare workers.

New Zealand legendary Silver Ferns netball player, Ameliarnne Ekenasio  

Support and blessings from New Zealand Health and wellness influencer, Makaia Carr

New Zealand's local Chinese social organisations, public welfare organisations, media organisations, as well as opinion leaders from far have also joined the Thinking Of You initiative, sharing videos of support to New Zealand healthcare workers.

Kiwis of all ages have been eager to jump on-board to show their support and appreciation for our healthcare heroes. So, we decided to create an artwork challenge, where even the youngest New Zealanders could share their messages. Here's some of the latest ones...


Covid-19 isolates us from one another in distance, however, the love and kindness of people’s hearts keep us together.

As more and more businesses, public welfare organisations, and community members join the Thinking Of You initiative, it shows the immense size of the communities heart and the positive impact we can make together.

Want to send your message of support to our frontline workers?

Great! You can write and share your message on the official Thinking Of You website –

Or share your message directly on social and include the tag #ThinkingOfYouNZ