Which toothpaste is right for your needs?

Many of us are taking greater responsibility for our dental health; however, the array of dental products available can make choosing the right ones confusing. Here are a few tips to help you make better-informed toothpaste decisions.

Teeth Whitening

When it comes to whitening teeth it seems everyone wants that bleach white Instagram smile. Conventional teeth whitening products and procedures, like bleaching, are effective, but they can actually be detrimental to your health. Long term, the harsh ingredients can result in an increase in tooth sensitivity, the softening and dissolving of irreplaceable enamel, and irritation of the soft tissues of the mouth. 

Natural, alternative ingredients for teeth whitening include calcium carbonate, baking soda, coconut oil, and sea salt. These can be used in combination and incorporated into your brushing routine.

Activated charcoal is another method that has gained popularity in the whitening department; however, it’s best to use charcoal with caution, especially when it comes to daily use. Toothpastes containing charcoal can be quite abrasive, get into fillings, and even discolour the gum line. This is one of the reasons Grin does not offer a charcoal toothpaste and only infuses toothbrush bristles with activated charcoal. This means customers can still enjoy the benefits of activated charcoal without damaging tooth enamel. 

For natural teeth whitening, use Grin’s Whitening Toothpaste which contains key active ingredients baking soda, propolis and organic sea salt. 

Sensitive Teeth
A sharp pain that goes deep into the tooth is a telltale sign of tooth sensitivity. This pain is commonly triggered by hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and drinks. As with all aspects of your health, prevention of sensitive teeth is better than treatment and good dental hygiene is the beginning of this. 

If you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity then using the right toothpaste can certainly help with pain. While Grin does not offer a dedicated sensitive toothpaste, our Strengthening Toothpaste containing hydroxyapatite can help rebuild the worn out tooth enamel that causes sensitivity in the first place. Hydroxyapatite has been proven to provide the necessary minerals to remineralise subsurface areas of the tooth, restoring the enamel to its near natural state, without changing the composition of the enamel.

Another great option is Grin Freshening toothpaste as it features Manuka oil; an ingredient that helps reduce sensitivity and gum inflammation. 

If you suffer from severe sensitivity, we strongly recommend that you visit your dentist to find out what your best options are. 

Remineralising Teeth
Loss of mineral content like calcium and phosphate which make up tooth enamel and bone can lead to decay and subsequent cavities. Remineralising toothpastes can help replace these lost minerals and re-strengthen enamel.  

Two ingredients that can be used to remineralise teeth are hydroxyapatite and fluoride. Both are natural ingredients which work to strengthen teeth, making them less susceptible to future mineral loss and decay.

If you’re after a remineralising toothpaste then Grin Strengthening Toothpaste and Grin Whitening With Fluoride are both effective products. 

Fluoridated Toothpaste
Fluoridated toothpastes are effective in reducing dental decay and cavities and work well for those who are suffering from early stages of tooth decay. 

In New Zealand, fluoride is evident in untreated water supplies; however, the level found naturally is not effective enough to be of benefit in helping prevent tooth decay. While fluoride levels have been topped up in many regions across the country, there are still many non-fluoridated areas. Using a fluoride toothpaste provides additional protection against tooth decay.

Grin recently launched two new toothpastes with fluoride: Grin Whitening With Fluoride and Grin Kids’ Berry-licious With Fluoride. Grin is the only New Zealand toothpaste brand that offers customers a natural toothpaste with fluoride while still being free from common toothpaste nasties like SLS, parabens, triclosan, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.

Give Grin’s new range of toothpastes with fluoride a try: Grin Natural Whitening With Fluoride & Grin Kids’ Berry-Licious With Fluoride

Kids’ Toothpaste
Children's teeth are much softer than adult teeth so when it comes to choosing the right toothpaste for your child, always take this into account. It's best to avoid toothpastes with harsh abrasives and any toothpastes that contain whiteners as these can damage children's teeth. 

Taste is another factor to look out for. Traditional mint toothpastes can often be too ‘spicy’ for a child's palate. It's best to allow your child to choose their own toothpaste as this will make them more excited for brushing time.

Grin offers fluoride free and with fluoride toothpaste options for kids as we believe choice is important when it comes to fluoride. There are a wide range of perspectives on the topic of fluoride vs fluoride free and we want customers to be able to make their own decisions on its use. 

Our fluoride-free toothpastes are available in natural orange and strawberry flavour and our ‘with fluoride’ toothpaste is available in Berry-licious flavour. All kids' toothpastes are flavoured using only natural fruit extracts.

Grin’s Kids’ Corner has a great range of kids’ products including a toothbrushing game to get kids excited about their oral health. 

Which Ingredients to Avoid
There is a very definite connection between the mouth and the rest of the body. Even though toothpaste isn't ingested, our mouths will absorb harsh chemicals and this can then lead to a flora imbalance in both our mouth and gut.

When buying toothpaste or other dental products, the most concerning additives are: titanium dioxide, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial colourings, parabens, propylene glycol, sodium saccharin, carrageenan, aspartame, diethanolamine (DEA), and artificial flavours.

Fortunately, no Grin products contain any of these harmful ingredients